At Odds with the World



You adulterers! Don’t you realize that friendship with the world makes you an enemy of God? I say it again: If you want to be a friend of the world, you make yourself an enemy of God.

James 4:4



As soon as you turn on the news or open a paper, it’s obvious, our world has moved far away from God. In the book of Judges, God is grieved, as Israel has done just what he warned them not to, assimilated with the locals. They chose to accept their customs and rituals, moving God to that background. We see that in our culture today. To fill churches, we see pastors bending to worldly popularity rather than holding to the hard truths of God’s word.

If we are not at odds with our culture, we are at odds with God.

Author: Daily Dose

Husband, Father, Friend and Closet Guitar Geek...Follower of Christ

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