Thursday, June 5, 2014

After the lord your God has done this for you, don’t say in your hearts, ‘The lord has given us this land because we are such good people!’ No, it is because of the wickedness of the other nations that he is pushing them out of your way.
Deuteronomy 9:4
Some people, mostly new Christians, look at the destruction in the Old Testament and wonder, “Why would God sanction the annihilation of whole cities?” The answer is simple, these groups of people were worshiping other gods and living sinful lives. God’s promises to Abraham were being lived out in giving this fertile land to his chosen people and he was rooting the bad out. 1 Corinthians 15:33 says, “bad company corrupts good character.” This truth holds the same today. Hanging out with people whose lifestyle runs counter to yours as a Christian can lead to stumbling and a white washing of your own views. We of course must love people and shouldn’t avoid others, but God warns us to hold tight to our faith.



Author: Daily Dose

Husband, Father, Friend and Closet Guitar Geek...Follower of Christ

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