Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Love does no wrong to others, so love fulfills the requirements of God’s law.
Romans 13:10
The bible, especially the New Testament, talks a lot about love.
It is the one thing that can really bring forth no wrong.
Anger, pride, arrogance, ego, sadness…can all bring out negativity.
If we approach each other in love our motives are good.
Just think of a world where everyone one approached others this way.

Author: Daily Dose

Husband, Father, Friend and Closet Guitar Geek...Follower of Christ

2 thoughts on “Wednesday, July 31, 2013”

    1. Throughout the New Testament, the common theme and only real command Jesus makes is to love one another. He accomplished the hard part by dying to wipe out our sins. We are not here on this earth to judge, but to love. That’s the draw. We can draw people to Christ by simply loving them no matter where they are, what sin they’re living in.

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